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Give your surplus food and relief to children who need it the most, reduce waste. Connect with others doing good around you.

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    All-in-one platform for doing good

    Helpcentral is the free, secure and easy-to-use platform that enables you give disadvantaged children your surplus food and other relief materials which might go to waste . You can also find causes you care about or start your own campaign.

    Give what you have

    Everyone has something to give- surplus food, clothes, books. We help you connect with those who need what you have to give.



    Sign up now to get relief. Connect with potential donors in your community who love the work you do with children.

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    Get support for your cause. We connect you with other good people who share your passion.

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    A little consistent giving makes a big difference. Set up a convenient monthly donation to your charity of choice.

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    Add an item (food, books, clothing etc) you want to donate to a charity on Helpcentral. Set up a pick-up location, time and select the charity you want to give. 

    We connect & deliver

    Helpcentral matches your gift with charity based on your location of choice. Your gift is picked-up and delivered free to beneficiary at your convenient time and place. 

    Sign Up as Charity

    If you run a non-profit giving relief to less-privileged people, sign up in 2 easy steps to start receiving donation for your beneficiaries

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    We verify your information and create a profile for you so donors can see what you've been up to. You also get a responsive dashboard for tracking your donation

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    You don't have to do it alone! Connect with donors and volunteers looking for credible charities